Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q

After a hard day of apartment searching, I got a hot tip from my agent about Rudy’s Bar-B-Q. Since they were in the neighborhood (or I was in theirs?), I hopped in the BBT (Big Black Truck) with my Dining Companion and took a spin to see what all the hubbub was about. Or if there were, indeed, any hubbubs to be had.

The agent had mentioned that there was a handwashing machine outside the restroom, and indeed there was! It says to insert your hands and allow the machine to clean them for you. Truly, the lazy man or woman’s dream! In fact, it even suggested that this is “a jacuzzi for your hands.”

I was a bit too embarrassed to try it out, given that the whole restaurant can watch anyone who does. Maybe next time.

Photo by Laura Roberts

As you enter Rudy’s, you’ll see a lot of interesting signs, including one for their “sause” which refers to it as “The worst BBQ sause in Texas.” Above the door to the kitchen, there’s another warning: “If y’all don’t wanna cook, stay outta the kitchen!” Hanging above the line-up (which became rather long just after we arrived) there was another winner. It read: “In case of slow-moving line, break glass.” The kicker? This sign was attached to a glass case containing a cattle prod.

I was giggling to myself as I took stock of all the down-home signage, and further amused myself by watching the meat festival on the “Cutter Cam.” There, you can watch as the kitchen crew slices and dices brisket with remarkable dexterity. It’ll make your mouth water as you await your food.

Meanwhile, the Husbot was sampling menu items and shooting me thumbs-ups from the counter. Ultimately, he came to the table with half a pound of beef brisket, half a pound of baby-back ribs, some BBQ turkey for later, and a container of potato salad.

Then came the sause.

I liberally applied it to the ribs and took a bite. Delicious! I tried it on the brisket. Delightful! I decided against dipping the potato salad into it, as that would’ve been weird. But I was mighty tempted to use the white bread they’d given us (for making sandwiches) to sop up the extra sause.

Although we’d purchased a pound of meat, plus potatoes, we both felt we could’ve eaten more meat after we plowed through the first batch. Overall, we found Rudy’s to be tasty and inexpensive, with 100% oak smokiness and country store charm. Worst BBQ in Texas? Flagrant false advertising… or maybe just a clever bit of reverse psychology.

ADDRESS: 11570 Research Blvd.
PHONE: 512-418-9898

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  1. wow that was fast.

  2. Gotta love WordPress templates + cut ‘n paste!

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