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Helping others this holiday season–for free!

The holiday season is upon us, and like a lot of you out there, I don’t have a ton of money to spend on gifts this year. Maybe you’ve also been passing the bell-ringers and donation slips at the grocery stores, wishing you could help out those less fortunate, but feeling like that one-buck donation isn’t really going to do much?

Here’s your chance to do something good—for free!

It’s really simple, and will help give struggling families something they really need, all year ’round: FOOD. Just click on the gizmo below to help Shoestring Austin support hungry families this holiday season. For each e-greeting you send to friends and family—along with a bunch of neat holiday recipes—Kraft Foods will donate 10 meals. This is a great way to show you care, just by clicking a few buttons and sending out the seasonal cards you probably forgot to send anyway. Let your family and friends know you care by sharing the love, the recipes, and the seasonal donations to worthy charities… and get ’em to pass it on to THEIR friends!

If you’re feeling particularly giving, sign up for an account at SocialVibe and keep doing the little quizzes and activities to contribute even more money to this cause, or any other you prefer. They’ve got everything from HIV/AIDS charities to animal protection societies to causes that help prevent hunger and homelessness. It’s a cool social media site where everything you do gives a little bit back. It’s way better than a Facebook quiz that’ll sell your info (and your friends’ info!) to a bunch of evil corporations, so check it out!

Whatever your religious/spiritual/holiday views, it’s always awesome to donate time, money and support to charities. I’ve got a bunch that I favor, but helping feed the hungry is a big one on my list. Shoestring Austin would like to urge you to contribute to the many fine organizations around town that help feed those in need all year ’round, but most especially during the holiday season, when it’s so easy to help. Check out the Capital Area Food Bank’s website or the Eastside Community Connection for more information on how you can donate food or volunteer your time this holiday season.

Finally, if you like freebies, Christmas music, and Lady Gaga, you should definitely go download this free MP3 of Lady Gaga’s Xmas song, “Christmas Tree,” over at Amazon.com while you still can. Hilarity (and dancing) shall ensue. Consider it Shoestring Austin’s e-gift to you for donating your precious time to our little charity cause. Thanks, Austin!


Welcome to Shoestring Austin

Shoestring Austin knows there are plenty of places where you can read about life in Austin, and that lots of them devote most of their space to the local music scene. We think that’s groovy, for those who are into it. Our deal is somewhat different. We’re always asking the question: what is there to EAT?!

We may be on a shoestring budget, with only enough cash to order delivery from the same two places once or twice a week, but BY GOD, WE WANT IT HOT, FAST, PLENTIFUL AND DELICIOUS! This is our only credo: Cheap eats that taste great. Wherever you can find ‘em, there we are.

And that’s the deal. We’re all about snacking our way through life, lived deliciously. Because living on a budget doesn’t have to suck. When’s dinner?

In short: Shoestring Austin is dedicated to uncovering Austin’s greatest cheap restaurants–because living on a budget doesn’t have to suck. Blog editor Laura Roberts also maintains the Shoestring Montreal blog. She can be contacted online via Twitter @originaloflaura.

Finally, our current Shoestring Austin banner is based on a photo taken by Flickr user Stuck in Customs, which has been kindly made available to the public via a Creative Commons license. The photo itself depicts downtown Austin at night, and the original version also features the Frost Tower in the background, which is said to resemble a giant pair of nose hair trimmers.